Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The movie opens with poor, perplexed Peter, played by Jason Segel, getting the heave-ho from blond priss Sarah Marshall, played by Kristen Bell. They’ve been dating for five years, he holding her purse at premieres while she poses for pictures. He’s naked when she arrives to give him the bad news, and he insists upon staying naked because, according to the wayward script, he feels it will truly be all over if he puts on clothes. Thanks more to the bawdiness than the wit, there are big laughs here. Judd Apatow, a big man in comedy, was only the producer of “Sarah Marshall,” yet the promoters are making much of putting his brand name on it. It features a number of his disciples, all of whom are hailed as “the people who gave us ‘Knocked Up,’ ‘The Year-Old Virgin’ and ‘Superbad’ ” – all of which made a fortune at the box office and had actors who would work on the cheap. All these movies are about the weakness, in both head and body, of American males. They all picture American men as being boys who long, most of all, to “land” a female and not have to pay for it by either marriage or electric bills. Bawdiness that pushes even the R-rated limit of vulgarity is the real selling point, but Apatow’s writers cover their tracks by adding a bit of sweetness that will allow girls, even grown-up women, to go to these movies too. The formula is a winning one.

Cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Where Are They Now?

Call Netflix Netflix. After his TV star girlfriend, Sarah, breaks his heart, Peter can’t move on because she’s vacationing at the same resort in Hawaii. Watch all you want. More Details.

Cast · Jason Segel as Peter Bretter · Kristen Bell as Sarah Marshall · Mila Kunis as Rachel Jansen · Russell Brand as Aldous Snow · Bill Hader as Brian Bretter · Steve.

Spoiler Alert: ten years did not age these gorgeous faces in any way. Then: Jason was killing it in comedies in In addition to starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , he also wrote the film. Then: The year before playing the titular character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , her show Veronica Mars ended after three seasons. She also had a recourring role on Hereos as Elle Bishop. She’s also the star of the hit show The Good Place , and is about to start production on the long-awaited Frozen sequel.

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Is One of the Most Essential Comedies of the 21st Century

Skip to Content. Couples cheat on each other and cover up their misdeeds with lies. Still, friends back each other up and exes find a way to talk maturely about their failed relationships and what they appreciate about each other. A bar owner beats Peter up for trying to steal a picture — he is later shown bruised and banged up. Two guys shove each other at the beach.

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The comedy genre was forever changed in the early s, and much of it was due to Judd Apatow. Instead of high-concept antics or heavy starpower, Apatow populated his film with a bounty of young talent, let improvisation lead many of the scenes, and concocted a deadly mixture of R-rated raunch and James L. Brooks -esque emotional truth. For this film, Apatow mentored Freaks and Geeks actor Jason Segel , who mined his own personal life to write the ultimate breakup movie.

Nicholas Stoller , with whom Apatow had worked as a writer on the TV series Undeclared , was selected to make his directorial debut on the project, and a modern romantic comedy classic was born. When Sarah breaks things off rather abruptly, Peter jets off to Hawaii to ease the breakup blues at the behest of his stepbrother Bill Hader. However, when Peter arrives at a luxurious resort to begin his vacation, he discovers Sarah and her new beau—obnoxious rock star Aldous Snow Russell Brand —are staying at the same resort.

This setup could very easily have been fleshed out into a traditional comedy where Peter gets into various hijinks, but along the way wins back his beloved Sarah Marshall.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Cast

His best friend suggests that Peter should get away from everything and to fly off to Hawaii to escape all his problems. Scott Meehan Bill Matthews. Universal Pictures Apatow Productions.

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With The Year-Old Virgin , Judd Apatow succeeded in an endeavor that foiled many of the more accomplished directors to precede him: the merging of the romantic comedy, a quintessential “female genre,” with the raunchy comedy, a quintessential “male genre. Apatow used the same basic formula to similar effect for his follow-up, Knocked Up. Now, at least temporarily, he has passed the baton to one of his buddies, former Freaks and Geeks cohort Jason Segel.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall , written by and starring Segel and directed by first-timer Nicholas Stoller, is at least as good as the two Apatow-directed movies, with a script that might be both a little sharper and a little more romantic. Peter Bretter Jason Segel has lost his love of life. A composer for a popular TV program, his preferred activity is lying on the couch while watching mind-numbing shows like Access Hollywood. But, as bad as things are going for Peter, he hasn’t yet hit bottom.

That moment arrives when his girlfriend of five years, actress Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , announces that she’s leaving him.

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This thin premise is better suited to a half-hour sitcom than a feature film in fact, there’s an episode of Frasier with a very similar setup , but it’s strong enough to support some fun performances from a group of TV stars, along with a lot of weightless filler. Jason Segel Peter Bretter. Kristen Bell Sarah Marshall.

Mila Kunis Rachel Jansen.

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ continues to put Turtle Bay Resort on experience–​something that might lure the cast of “Sarah Marshall” back for.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Nicholas Stoller min. Review Our Score. But when Peter arrives, he discovers that Sarah and her new British rock star boyfriend Russell Brand are not only staying at the same resort, but in the very same hotel. All three leads are likeable and well cast, while the Hawaiian scenery looks great. But like producer Judd Apatow’s previous films, it is somewhat overlong, with several scenes apparently included because they could be, not because they should be.

Cast: Movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall – 2008

We are still dispatching all items as quickly as possible. Description Imported from USA. Peter Jason Segel is a struggling musician who finds his world turned upside down when his TV celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , dumps him for a tragically hip rock star.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall A great movie about doing your best to heal the broken heart after a long relationship has ended. The cast is perfect and location is.

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